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While discussing our services for events we explained that the NJ Party Queen is a full service Event Management firm. This holds true for our wedding services too. We can help you plan, manage and conduct all the activities, milestones, parties and ceremonies that the wedding process comprises. We, however, know that our clients may already be working with someone for some of the components. To make working with us simpler we welcome an a la carte approach too for our wedding management services. So let us have an overview of the wedding services you may choose from.

As part of our wedding services we are particularly proud of the Wedding Cakes that we produce for the couple. Or sister organization, Homemade by Marianne, has been a recent winner of NJ Cupcake Warz. Marianne was featured in the Be Inspired Magazine and covered by the NJ 12 news channel. Cakes by the NJ Cake Queen, Marianne, are visually stunning and delicious works of art. We have a long list of clients who have ordered her cakes and can attest that they have had the experience of personalized attention that resulted in unique confections.

The NJ Party Queen helps couples to find supplies related to parties, ceremonies and reception through the wedding. Tents, chairs, tables and décor items may be expensive to purchase separately. We have established reliable connections that help us get discounts when we decide to buy wedding supplies. We can get you high quality supplies at affordable rates without the need to arrange for the logistics. If you would choose to work directly with the suppliers we would be happy to make the introductions.

Budgeting for the entire wedding is no easy task. It is a program in itself made up with a lot of projects and sub projects. Accounting for all of them is tedious and has a lot of room for errors. It also leaves couples stressed out. Our financial planning and budgeting experience for events and weddings will help you prepare a budget. You would know everything is taken care of a cost that is within your reach.

The NJ Party Queen has resident wedding photographers who you can hire to capture those special moments. If you want to choose your own photographer but do not have the right equipment, our photographer may be able to help you rent what you would neeVisit Sited. This is an out of the ordinary service that pushes the scope of the services provided by wedding planners.

These were just a tiny few of the things we can help you with. Some the other items our clients have come to us with are calligraphy services, gifts & wedding registries, guest accommodation, catering services, fireworks, and honeymoon planning & travel arrangements. We have helped with DJ’s, videographers and florists. In short, we are truly a one stop shop for wedding services and solutions. Take advantage of our versatility and have everyone talking about your wedding months to come. To do that you would have to call (732) 855-2253 to start the conversation.


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