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With improved technology and advanced equipment becoming accessible and affordable, photography has reached the hands of the masses. As a result, everyone knows someone who take pretty good pictures. Whether you ask them or not everybody brings their camera or camera phone to a wedding they get invited to. So there is no dearth of wedding photos.

It often makes perfect sense to rely on these responsible friendly band of guests, “crowdsource” the album and dispense with the need for the wedding photographer. A question to ask is would you trust yourself to be a Nascar race driver just because you take the freeway to work forty miles away?

Wedding photographers however, are not regular people with a good knowledge of their camera. These are professionals who know how to capture the emotions of the day. Doing so the professional captures the moments that tells the story of the day. The photographer would know how to establish a connection with the bride, groom, family members and other guests without getting in their way. You know that some of the best wedding photos are taken when people are too caught up in the event to notice the camera.

Specialist wedding photographers are not easy to find on the day you need one. When you do find one you may feel that the services are too expensive for your budget. This is why you should consider wedding photography services of the NJ Party Queen. Our resident photographer works closely with our clients to leave them with a set of photos that helps them re-live the happy moments of the day for years to come. As a firm, we are satisfied that we can offer top of the range cameras and equipment. These enable us to take and edit photos in the least time possible.

Our wedding photographer usually takes a photo-journalist’s approach in line with modern trends. Rather than concentrate on the people alone, he incorporates the venue, using various props and backgrounds to create lasting memories. This creates pictures that tell the story of the wedding.
One would normally be able to hire a wedding photographer for only the ceremony itself. The NJ Party Queen is however uniquely placed. The fact we have a specialist in house lets you book him for various days and parties, like the bachelor party or the bridal shower.

You may engage us as your wedding planner to have a special arrangement and bundling of the photography services. Alternatively, you may choose to explore the availability of our resident specialist for the events you would like to freeze in time on the pages of your albums. Whatever it is, please go ahead and call us at (732) 527-3100 to book our wedding photographer before someone else books him first.


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