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While planning weddings, it is natural to focus on the big ticket items like the venue, gowns, menu and the guest list. The normal approach is to procrastinate about the little things or the items that are not high in the list of priorities. This often leave brides in a frenzied rush to find earrings or necklaces or other accessories. So wedding accessories are not to be treated with lesser amount of importance. As Michelangelo said, trifles make perfection and perfection is not a trifle.

Veils are probably the most common wedding accessories among brides. In some customs the veil is mandatory. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes. There are chin length bird cage veils as well as long, floor sweeping ones and the choice must complement your gown.

Tiaras are either worn in place or in addition to veils to enhance the bride’s hair style. Smaller tiaras are best worn with small, tight updos while larger ones work best with cascading curls and high-piled updos. They are available in many bridal salons and they must also complement your theme.

Gloves are a must for brides who want an elegant look. Most wear silk or satin elbow gloves with long wedding gowns to give off a formal appearance. Another accessory for the hand is the purse. Purses are not necessary during the ceremony but it certainly helps to have one on hand to hold items that you will need throughout the day. Get a small clutch that will add detail to your outfit and conveniently hold whatever you need.

Jewelry is perhaps the most critical wedding accessory, as you need to get this just right. The necklace, earring, and bracelets add the right finishing to any wedding ensemble. Jewelry needs to complement the gown and not overwhelm it. Too much can give off an over the top appearance, and too little would expose the gown and hairstyle to all the critique.

If choosing among different types of wedding accessories seems like so much hassle, worry not. You can hire the wedding planners in the NJ Party Queen to help you through the process. We have been in the wedding scene for a long time helping people choose the right wedding accessories. Working with us will not only help you buy the right ones, but will also help you choose the right quality. So even if you feel that you have everything under control call us at (732) 527-3100 to have a risk free consultation and gain the peace of mind that you need and deserve.

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