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Event Services Woodbridge NJNJ Party Queen is a full service Event Management firm with skills and talent to manage your complete event form the concept to event wrap up. We, however, realize that our clients may also prefer to execute some of the pieces themselves. So it is important that you know that we are comfortable with a “Chinese Menu” approach to Event Services.

Whether you are a private individual or a small business or large corporation you will find that there are components of our services that will align very well with the pieces that you would like to yourself manage. Here are some of the aspects of our Event Service options.

Event Management: You may have all the bases covered in your event, but may still need a conductor to orchestrate the moving parts so that they come together at the right time. As your event manager we will be responsible and accountable to monitor and control the components. We would give you a heads up where your involvement or a decision would be necessary. In short, we will be the Program Office of your Event.

Location scouting: Whatever be the event, it would have its own requirements and not all locations would be suitable. Suitability cannot also be assessed remotely. It would need ‘boots on the ground.’ NJ Party Queen would be happy to identify, shortlist and report back to you on the options available and the recommended locations for your final decision.

Financial planning and control: As we mentioned in the planning section earlier, determining the budget and aligning it with the scope is an important component. The process often requires delicate negotiation with multiple stakeholders in the organization. As an external entity NJ Party Queen would be perfectly placed to conduct such negotiation. If the event needs a significant amount of funding then there would be a strong possibility of budget over runs. Again, as an external entity we would be able to define and enforce controls such that all spending can be matched with budgeted expenses before these are incurred.

We can begins with inquiries about a client’s budget so that the planners know how to use the money to create the most successful event of all. Different events need certain amounts of money to procure supplies which is why a budget should be established before commencement of the process.

Scheduling: Once the plans are in place the activities need to be scheduled. Activity scheduling is another component we offer as a stand-alone Event Service or bundle it in with other services. This would entail arranging catering or ensuring arrival of service providers like the electricians with the right equipment at the right time.

Staffing: During the process of planning the event and conducting it, we ensure that the right persons are assigned the right roles. For example if we need a magician in the house we find one who can perform in a crowd and is not a stage magician only. This attention to detail comes from our commitment to not only give you the value for money but also the ability to focus on the goals of the event.

The NJ Party Queen lets You deliver the core event benefits while you leave the rest to us. If you are ready to discuss your event management needs or have a question on some we have or have not listed please call us at (732) 855-2253


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