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Event Planning Woodbridge NJIt is often said that having a good plan equivalent to half the job. At NJ Party Queen Events we take the process of event planning very seriously. The process starts when you call us the first time. We start with understanding why you are organizing the event and what are your objectives and goals for the event. Who are the target audience and stakeholders are important pieces of information that we inquire about.

If this is an event that repeats at intervals, like a Town Hall meet, we check whether we have organized the last one for you. In case we have not we would like to get a sense of what went well and what could be improved on. If we have organized the last one you would know that we revisit the learning from the last event.

Scoping out the event would be next item on our agenda. There may be different elements in the scope, like number of attendees, format and content of the event, and responsible business functions or external agencies involved. Once these pre-planning exercise is over we would get into the meat of the event planning process.

We start with figuring out how to measure the success of the event given the goals and objectives already defined. This would help in prioritizing the content and the mode of the delivery of the content of the event. Clarity on this also helps in managing the other components of the planning process.

The two primary factors that we tackle next are the budget for the event, and the timelines involved. Ideally we would break up the budget into logical components. More often than not available funds are found inadequate for the scope envisioned. In such cases we go by the taking a hard look at the goals and the measurement criteria.

In case we see that there are activities that do not clearly tie back to either, we would question the need for such activities. On the other hand if those are critical for a successful outcome then we would have another difficult conversation on the need for funds or managing expectations in relation to the outcomes targeted.

This brings us to another item that we consider critical in out event planning process – an agreement on the communication protocol. There is no such thing as over communication. So please do expect to hear a lot from us, especially if the event is important to you.

The other two items that would also be covered in the planning process would be the resources and the risks. Resources would be a mix of the people involved, across organizations and departments, and the material, supply, skills & talent required. And while we are planning for that, we would adopt a “better safe than sorry” approach. That would sum up the risk management approach.

So there you are, you have a preview to our event planning process. Hopefully, we have demystified it and made you comfortable enough for you to now call us at (732) 855-2253.


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